Koyuan is an accommodation facility that enables you to charter and stay at a whole block of “machiya,” Kyoto’s traditional townhouse. It is a place where you can experience Japanese culture and art created with obsession of the owner who is a painter in Kyoto.
It is the nearest machiya accommodation facility to the center area of Gion at higashiyama in Kyoto and is located in an alley connected to popular Gion Hanamikoji where maikos and geikos can be often seen. Popular sightseeing spots, Yasaka Shrine, Kodaiji Temple and Kiyomizu-dera are also very conveniently accessible on foot. You may securely stay at this facility with hotel / inn business license.

Kyoto Recommendation

  • Kyo Chabuya Bar Jo-Jo Kyo Chabuya Bar Jo-Jo Kyo Chabuya Bar Jo-Jo

    A few second walk from Koyuan. It is the nearest restaurant from Koyuan. There are many interesting dishes with not widely known ingredients.

  • Yubi (culinary art) Yubi (culinary art) Yubi

    A Japanese-style restaurant in Miyagawa-cho. The face of Miyagawa-cho also represents the very Kyoto and inside the restaurant further projects serene Kyoto. It is a highly-recommended restaurant. Dinner starts from 8,000yen.

  • Oowatari (culinary art) Oowatari (culinary art) Oowatari (culinary art)

    It is a popular Japanese-style restaurant that basically takes only 2 parties a day. Reservation may be difficult, but it is well evaluated. Dinner starts from 10,000yen.

  • Aunbo Aunbo Aunbo

    It is located near Kodaiji Temple in Higashiyama. Dinner is around 7,000yen. It is a very Kyoto-style restaurant and is near Koyuan. There is a garden from the street to the entrance, and the spot garden may be viewed over the counter. You may enjoy good Japanese food using organic vegetables in nice atmosphere.

  • Gion Uokeyau Gion Uokeyau Gion Uokeyau

    It is a restaurant that serves delicious Unagi-don (freshwater eel donburi). They also deliver to teahouses in Gion. Plate for 1 person starts from 2,500yen.

  • Yagenbori Hanamikoji Yagenbori Hanamikoji Yagenbori Hanamikoji

    It is a restaurant of bengara-goushi and reddish soil walls which is located in the preserved district which is very Gion, around one street down from Shijo-dori Hanamikoji. They serve dishes which make the most of in-season ingredients. Dinner course starts from 8,000yen.

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