Koyuan is an accommodation facility that enables you to charter and stay at a whole block of “machiya,” Kyoto’s traditional townhouse. It is a place where you can experience Japanese culture and art created with obsession of the owner who is a painter in Kyoto.
It is the nearest machiya accommodation facility to the center area of Gion at higashiyama in Kyoto and is located in an alley connected to popular Gion Hanamikoji where maikos and geikos can be often seen. Popular sightseeing spots, Yasaka Shrine, Kodaiji Temple and Kiyomizu-dera are also very conveniently accessible. You may securely stay at this facility with hotel / inn business license.

Kyoto Travel Guide

  • Kiyomizu Temple Kiyomizu Temple
    15 mins Details

    A historic temple registered under World Cultural Heritage List.

  • Yasaka Shrine Yasaka Shrine
    5 mins Details

    Yasaka Shrine has been popular with the name of “Gion-san” and has been worshiped as plague prevention.

  • Kodaiji Temple Kodaiji Temple
    10 mins Details

    This temple was built by "Nene", wife of Hideyoshi Toyotomi who unified Japan.

  • Entoku-in Temple Entoku-in Temple
    10 mins Details

    It is famous for the garden of scenic beauty and as the temple where Hideyoshi Toyotomi’s official wife, Koudai-in spent her last days.

  • Kenninji Temple Kenninji Temple
    3 mins Details

    It is one of Five Great zen Temples of Kyoto and is the first zen temple in Kyoto built by Enzai.

  • Ryozen Kwannon Ryozen Kwannon
    12 mins Details

    It was built in 1955 in hope of establishing peace in Japan and to pray for the repose of those who died in fight for the country and who were victimized in World War II.

  • Chion-in Temple Chion-in Temple
    12 mins Details

    It is the headquarters of Jodo-shu sect with over 7,000 temples and 6 million believers all over the country.

  • Maruyama Park Maruyama Park
    8 mins Details

    Maruyama Park is a Japanese-style garden with a pond in the center and is connected to the grounds of Yasaka Shrine.

  • Gion Hanamikoji Gion Hanamikoji
    5 mins Details

    Flagstones, machiya-style houses and maikos look very good with each other.

  • Yasui Konpiragu Shrine Yasui Konpiragu Shrine
    2 mins Details

    It is a shrine famous for “breakup.” This monument that looks like a white flower is the “monument of romance tie and breakup.”

  • Yasaka Tower Yasaka Tower
    8 mins Details

    It is a temple of Rinzai sect Kenninji temple group established by Prince Shotoku, and the five-story stupa called “Yasaka Tower” is a symbol of Kyoto Higashiyama.

  • Ishibe Koji Ishibe Koji
    8 mins Details

    Ishibe Koji, as its name represents, is a narrow alley with continuous stone fences.

  • Rokuhara Mitsuji Temple Rokuhara Mitsuji Temple
    15 mins Details

    This temple holds famous Buddha statues and portraits in Japanese sculpture history.

  • Ryozan Gokoku Shrine Ryozan Gokoku Shrine
    20 mins Details

    It is a shrine of Ryoma Sakamoto and the Showa.